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Reset Softlock License
Last Updated 3 years ago

Instructions for Resetting the Softlock License for Split Software

Warning: This will delete your license information. You may not be able to run your software except in Viewer Mode after performing this process, unless you get a new activation code from Split Engineering. Make sure this is really what you want to do.

Atención: Este procedimiento borrará la información de su archivo de licencia.

Usted no debería ser capaz de ejecutar su software excepto en el Modo Observador tras realizar este procedimiento, a menos que obtenga un nuevo código de activación de Split Engineering. Antes de realizar el procedimiento, esté seguro de que es realmente lo que quiere hacer.

1. Locate the Windows Public Documents folder.

The actual location may vary depending on your version of Windows.

2. Locate the appropriate *.tab file in Public Documents

Each product as its own *.tab file. Some examples are below. Each *.tab file will also have a indentically named *.tab.bak file. - Split-FX (32 bit) - Split FX (64 bit) - Split-Desktop Version 3 (32-bit) - Split-Desktop Version 3 (64-bit) - Split-Desktop Version 4 (64-bit)

3. Delete or rename the *.tab file

Renaming is safer than deleting, so if there is any chance you may need the license information later, rename the file. If not, then delete the file. You can do the same thing to the *.tab.bak file or just ignore it.

4. Re-run the software

You will be presented with a new request code for the software, and will need a new activation code from Split Engineering. Old activation codes will no longer work.

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