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URL for Multi-Channel IP Sources (e.g. Axis 241Q)
Last Updated 6 years ago

This applies to Split-Online This behavior is slated for change in the next major release.
The Axis 241Q video server supports 4 camera inputs, yet is addressed with just one IP address. This means you cannot use a simple IP address to connect to the four video sources. Here's what you should do instead...

1 Create a Generic MJPEG Source

Begin with the menu option "System | Hardware..." as you would for any IP video source. Create the new video source using the Generic IP Camera Motion JPEG. Do not select Axis IP Camera Motion JPEG.

2 Enter the Full URL

The URL for a generic video source requires extra information. All Axis cameras, even single-channel cameras and servers, begin with this string:

where the IP address is the address of your camera or server. The last part of that string is added by the Split-Onlien software when you create an Axis video source, but a generic video source requires that you enter the entire URL. Multi-channel Axis cameras require one more bit of information: the camera number, so the URL will look something like this:

where the camera number is 1 - 4 for the Axis 241Q 4-camera server.

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