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Day vs. Night - An Example of Modifying Fragmentation Parameters with Script
Last Updated 7 years ago

The attached project is an example of using script to modify the Fragmentation parameters so you can use different settings for day and night time images. It contains a single channel that looks like this:


Most of the work is done in the script module It calculates sunrise and sunset times, and then modifies the 13 parameters on the first page of the setup dialog in the Fragmentation module. The script supports tapering, so the day & night settings can be gradually changed over the course of an hour, for example, instead of just an abrubt change twice a day.The two disabled modules are required - they hold the settings for day and night. (The script could be re-written to run without them, but it seemed like the easiest thing to do.) The script reads the settings from these modules and calculates the current settings.

Time Of Day

The time of day will be the computer's system time unless the channel data item ImageTimeexits (as it would be with the typical ShovelCam script).


Instructions are at the top of the script module. You are required to set up the two disabled Fragmentation modules, plus put the latitude and longitude and other information into the script.

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