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Firmware for Axis and Moxa
Last Updated 5 years ago

Latest available manufacturer firmware updates for the AXIS Q7155 Camera and the MOXA IKS Switches.

After you download the files, delete the extension '.unsafe' from the file name.


Q1755_5_20_2.bin.unsafe - (Dated September 2012). DO NOT USE THIS FIRMWARE. Problem with the PTZ Home setting has been detected. Until solution has been determined, use 5.20.1

Q1755_5_20_1.bin.unsafe (Dated December 2011)
Q1755_5_20.bin.unsafe (Dated June 2011)

To upgrade the AXIS firmware follow these directions in howtoupgrade.txt

According to AXIS Technical Support, upgrading the firmware will not erase the current camera settings. But they recommend to reset the camera to the factory default settings in case there might be potential conflicts. We probably should not do this, as it will change the zoom/focus setting, etc.
MOXA IKS-6726-HV-T:IKS6726_V3.1.rom.unsafe (Dated October 2012)
MOXA IKS-6726-2GTXSFP-HV-T: IKS6726_2GTXSFP_6728_4GTXSFP_V3.1.rom.unsafe (Dated April 2012)

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