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Split-FX License / Dongle Issues
Last Updated 2 years ago

If you are having issues with Split-FX not recognizing the dongle / license first check the version of Split-FX by going to 'Help-About Split-FX....' to find the exact version number (also report the Windows version and Split-FX dongle serial # when reporting the issue to Hexagon).

Here are a few things to try:

  • Confirm that the USB dongle is plugged in and the red light is on.

  • The dongle needs to be plugged into the local computer you are working on, and is not accessible through a network. Also, the dongle will typically not work when you attempt to Remote Desktop into the computer hosting the dongle from another computer.

  • If the computer previously had a demo version of Split-FX on it…this could be interfering. To test this, we can delete the old license file. Unplug the dongle and then find the license file named…‘''’ that is usually found here: C:\Users\Public\Documents. Delete the file, plug in the dongle and then attempt to re-open Split-FX.

  • Check if there is an updated release of Split-FX available. Contact Hexagon for more information.

  • The best way to test if the dongle is bad is to install Split-FX another computer and see if you have the same issues. Check in the the Help-About dialog box to see if it is being recognized.

  • If using VMWare or a Virtual computer, then you will require special instructions to transfer the dongle from the host computer to the virtual computer. Please contact us for instructions.

  • If none of these fix the issue, then it might time to get the IT personnel involved. Sometimes individual user accounts do not have proper Permissions with regard to installing and operating software. This could be verified by your local staff.

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