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Solving Drawing Problems - OpenGL Formats
Last Updated 3 years ago

Split-FX may exhibit display problems when drawing or selecting with the mouse, similar to these: image

This is usually caused by using a hardware-accelerated incorrect OpenGL display format.

To fix the problem:

1) Run Split-FX As administrator.

3) Ensure all region windows are closed

3) Select "Tools | OpenGL display formats"


You will get a list similar to this one:


4) Find the default format, enclosed in [braces]. Note the values for: Bpp, Depth, Color, andBuffer.

5) Locate a similar format that is not hardware accelerated. The new format should haveBpp and Depth values at least as high as the current value.

Hardware acclerated formats show ICD in the Acceleration column; non-hardware accelerated formats show Software in the Acceleration column. The rows shown inside the red box are not hardware accelerated:


In the case above, any of the formats in the red box should work, but formats #39 and #43 are better choices because their Depth value is at least as high as the default Depth value.


6) Double-click the selected format and press OK to save the selection. Note: You must run Split-FX As administrator for this to be saved.

You may need to try one format and see if it works. If not, try a different one.

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