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Troubleshooting Dongle Problems
Last Updated 2 years ago

Step 1 - Is it plugged in?

Don't laugh, especially with parallel port dongles. Ensure the connection is solid. USB dongle keys should have a red light on when connected.

Step 2 - Is it the only dongle plugged in?

Check the parallel port plus USB ports.

Step 3 - Is the Operating System Supported?

Check the help manual to verify that the operating system is supported by your version of the Split software. Older products may not work on newer operating systems. Depending on your product, there may be a free upgrade available. Contact Hexagon for information.

Step 4 (USB Only) - Is the light on?

If the LED on the dongle is not lit, it has not been recognized by the operating system. This is usually because the drivers are not installed, or a problem using VMWare or some other virtual operating system host. See below for drivers and VMWare help.

Step 5 - Are You Using a Virtual OS (On VMWare, for example?)

See this article on ensuring that the dongle is connected to the guest operating system.

Step 6 - Are you running the application that uses the dongle through Windows Remote

There is a known issue when running an application that access the dongle through Windows Remote Desktop.

Step 7 - Run the Hasp Diagnostics Utility

This is included on most installation CD's from Split Engineering, under the Hasp/Diagnostics folder. Install the program and find it under Start | All Programs | Aladdin. See instructions here. Note you have to run this utility from the guest operating system if you are using a virtual OS. (If your CD does not have the Hasp/Diagnostics folder, you can download it from here:

If the tool locates the dongle but the Split software still does not run, contact Hexagon for help.

Step 8 - Reinstall the Drivers

Either get them from the installation CD under the Hasp folder, or even better, get the latest version from the Hasp website. Or create a Support ticket for assistance.

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