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Sample scripts for Split Online
Last Updated 9 years ago

The following sample scripts are available for Split Online

- Typical ShovelCam: ShovelCam Scripts
- ShovelCam with GPS in XML file : ShovelCam Script with GPS coordinates
- Process File: Reads file(s) from a source folder and processes them through the channel
- Email Report: Generates scheduled reports and emails them to a list of recipients
- Automated Shift Report (Based on Email Reports): Generates shift reports
- Automatic Day vs. Night settings: Changes settings based on the time
- Reverse Grayscale Pixels: Gets the color pixels from Grayscale
- Calculate Red Green Blue (RGB): Fixes issues with Red, Green and Blue values
- Calculate HSL, HSV and Luminance: Calculates color information such as HSL, HSV and Luminance
- OPC Trigger (Script): Alternate to trigger module
- Image Sorting system with scripts: Sorts images based on script parameters

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