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Sample scripts for Split Online
The following sample scripts are available for Split Online

- Typical ShovelCam: ShovelCam Scripts
- ShovelCam with GPS in XML file : ShovelCam Script with GPS coordinates
- Process File: Reads file(s) from a source folder and processes them through the channel
- Email Report: Generates scheduled reports and emails them to a list of recipients
- Automated Shift Report (Based on Email Reports): Generates shift reports
- Automatic Day vs. Night settings: Changes settings based on the time
- Reverse Grayscale Pixels: Gets the color pixels from Grayscale
- Calculate Red Green Blue (RGB): Fixes issues with Red, Green and Blue values
- Calculate HSL, HSV and Luminance: Calculates color information such as HSL, HSV and Luminance
- OPC Trigger (Script): Alternate to trigger module
- Image Sorting system with scripts: Sorts images based on script parameters

Attachments: Typical ShovelCam Script.vbs.unsafe (6.4 kb)  Shovelcam with GPS Script.vbs.unsafe (14.5 kb)  Process File Script.vbs.unsafe (3.4 kb)  Email Reports Script.vbs.unsafe (15 kb)  Automated Shift Report Script.vbs.unsafe (14.6 kb)  Automatic Day vs Night Settings Script.vbs.unsafe (18.4 kb)  Reverse Grayscale Pixels Script.vbs.unsafe (854 bytes)  Calculate RGB Script.vbs.unsafe (1.4 kb)  Calculate HSL, HSV and Luminance Script.vbs.unsafe (4.7 kb)  OPC Trigger Script.vbs.unsafe (334 bytes)  Image Sorting Script.vbs.unsafe (12.8 kb) 

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