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Basic troubleshooting for when Split-ShovelCam is not producing data
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If you are not receiving data points from one of the Shovels, please check the following:

1. Is Split-Online currently running?
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N: Restart Split-Online (see

2. Is the Channel for the Shovel running?
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N: Right click over the channel and select "run"

3. Is the camera connected to the network? To do this: open command prompt and try to ping camera IP address.
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N: See:

4. Are images being processed but being failed? Open C:/splitdata/saved images/SHOVEL#/Failed... Scroll to recent date and see if there are images.
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5. Should the images have been passed instead of failed? Open up the images and see if they are are clear, equal contrast and all rocks, not shadow filled, truck beds or ground.
Y: Contact Hexagon regarding Frame Qualification
N: Split-Online will only pass good images and you will not receive data until better images are received.

6. If there are no images being found in the passed or failed folder, is the FTP being populated? To check, stop the channel, wait more than a few minutes and go to C:\inetpub\ftproot\split\Shovel# and see if images are loading into the folder.
Y: Contact Hexagon regarding File sourcing
N: Contact Hexagon regarding Triggering and image save

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