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How to Use FTP
Last Updated 6 years ago

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. It is a network protocol used to transfer files. One of the uses of the FTP server and user account provided by Split Engineering is the option for clients to upload files to share. Typically these files are too large to email, therefore the FTP is a great tool.

To use the FTP
1. Copy this link:
2. Open a computer folder. Go to Start> My computer
3. Paste the address in the address bar
4. Enter the user name and password credentials provided by a Split Engineering representative
5. Locate your client folder inside the Clients folder
6. Open your client folder and drag any files into it you wish to share, uploading automatically commences.


1.  If the address exits the Windows Explorer folder and opens in an internet browser, please see the following:FTP defaults to internet browser fix

2.  If you cannot access the FTP, it may be blocked by your network.  In this event, contact your Network administrator for FTP access privileges.  

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