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Split-Online License Update Utility
Last Updated 2 years ago

This utility enables updating the license that is programmed into your Split-Online dongle. It does not work with all dongles, only those distributed with Split-Online 5.0 and later.


Accessing this Utility

There are two ways into this utility:

1. Through the "Help | About" box


2. Through the "Help | Licensing..." box


Step 1: Generating the C2V File


Press Generate and browse to the destination folder of your choice where the c2v file will be saved.

Step 2: Send the C2V file to Split Engineering

Locate the file generated in Step 1 and email (or otherwise send) it to Hexagon. They will review your account and generate a matching V2C file that will be sent back to you.

Step 3: Open the V2C File and Apply


Browse to the V2C file that was sent by Hexagon and press Apply.

Step 4: Restart Split-Online, Confirm new License


Restart the application and look at the license terms on the "Help | About" box or the "Help | Licensing..." box. Ensure that the expiration date and number of licensed modules is what you expect.

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