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Changing the Language in Split-Online
Last Updated 2 years ago

This applies to Split-Online 4.0 and later.

Language Initially Selected During Installation
The language used in the Split-Online interface is specified in the installer with the opening dialog:

The Big But
You can change the language after installation, but with one big catch: the language that you change to must either be English (which is always installed) or it must have been the selected language during the installation. In other words, you can't pick any language, you can only switch between English and the language selected during installation.

Changing the Language
Open the Settings file in an appropriate editor, such as Word or WordPad. (Warning: please make a backup copy of the file before you attempt to edit it. Mistakes could render Split-Online unable to operate). Locate the line in the file similar to the one shown below. It may not exist (which results in the default languge English), and if it does exist is is probably one of the first few lines in the file.

To change the language to Spanish, insert -esp as shown.

To change the language to Portguese, insert -ptb as shown.

To change the language to English, delete the language specifier as shown.

Save the settings file (you made a backup, right?) and re-start Split-Online.

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